„AYBI is a tribute to women, it is as simple as that”, says Aysen Bitzer about her second collection. The collection should make women look pretty, without looking „dressed up“.Why should it? The modern woman is confident, she knows what she is capable of – but also what is expected of her. Simple items have no expiration date, that’s an additional benefit. Effortless elegance… looks which work for any occasion. AYBI focuses on the here and now: not inspired by foreign cultures or quotes of bygone eras – the inspiration is the woman herself. At first glance simple and pure, you will discover the art of this style in thoughtful, loving details.
„New luxury bohemian chic“, this is how Aysen describes the look. It spreads freedom, light-heartedness and the ease of being. Carrying this feeling, AYBI’s new fall/winter 2018/19 collection is a good companion for the cool months of the year. From a fashion point of view, the designer could step into the shoes of the big fashion icons of the seventies. All those icons who cultivated the big and glamourous day & night appearance at that time. The corresponding style: Glam Bohemian meets Indian Summer. Maxidresses meet sophisticated prints; rich nuances like ocher and gem colors like emerald and ruby red harmonized in a blend of velvet and silk. Attitude meets effortless, feminine cuts, opulent prints: “My personal declaration of love to the women of this world, to whom I always felt strongly connected”, says Aysen Bitzer